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How can I be guaranteed that these essays are of a quality that will be useful to me?
At HemingwayPapers.Com all of our writers are experts in the field of literature. Look around our site and examine just how many essays we've already written about Hemingway's life & works. The sort of experience that comes along with having created so many dozens of essays on one author is uncanny to say the very least!  But if more needs to be said, our writers are also all college graduates with many holding their Masters and some even boasting doctorate degrees in their fields of study! Even more to their credit is the fact that all of our essay creators are so markedly confident in their own work that we're able to offer prospective customers FREE, one page excerpt(s) from any report(s) listed on this site BEFORE you order!  Select any document(s) from our comprehensive list of Hemingway essays and email us to receive a free, one page excerpt in advance!  We'll reply with our samples the SAME DAY you request them! 

ssays on this site are priced on a 'per page' basis but what, exactly, do you mean by a "page?"
All of our Hemingway essays feature approximately 225 words on each double spaced typewritten page.  We don't practice the use of oversized "blown-up fonts"-- only the typewriter standard of Courier New 12 pt. pitch with 2.0 line spacing. If you order a 5 page essay, you will receive approximately 1,125 words of information (plus a free works cited page if the particular essay you choose is advertised as citing secondary sources in addition to Hemingway's own stories)..




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